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Manufacturing SMEs into tomorrow’s factories

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    The xChange Platform, an online marketplace that provides high-quality services and resources to European manufacturing SMEs hoping to become Factories of the Future, has been established as part of the EU-funded ADMA TranS4MErs project. SMEs may receive seminars, webinars, remote advisory services, virtual training, and ad hoc remote help through the platform.

    Bringing SMEs, professionals, and service providers together

    Innovative industry players are brought together in a single location through the xChange Platform, facilitating information sharing. SMEs may get specialized assistance on methods for advanced manufacturing and digitalization here. The TranS4MErs, who are experts in digital and advanced manufacturing, can help innovative European SMEs on their path to digital transformation by sharing their knowledge. Last but not least, by supplying SME transformation with their skills, knowledge, and cutting-edge technologies, digital and innovation service providers may support growth.

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    The platform’s services and resources are offered by various service providers around Europe and vary from technical hands-on factory visits, sustainability and digitalization courses, and one-on-one coaching to networking events. SMEs will be assisted in selecting the tools and services that are most appropriate for them by the project’s certified TranS4MErs.SMEs will have the option of choosing a TranS4MEr to work with in order to develop their customized plan to become a Factory of the Future as part of the support offered by the xChange Platform. As part of this work, the European Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre’s seven areas of transformation—smart manufacturing, advanced manufacturing technologies, digital factory, ECO factory, end-to-end customer-focused engineering, human-centered organization, and value chain-oriented open factory—will be used to benchmark the SME’s performance and determine its needs for digital transformation.

    Additionally, it will include creating a strategy specifically adapted to the SMEs’ transformation, developing specific and specialized key performance indicators and targets related to that transformation, and determining the services and technologies most suited to their requirements.

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    Open lines of communication for transformation

    By enrolling for its open calls, manufacturing SMEs willing to start their digital transformation journey can therefore participate in the ADMA TranS4MErs Acceleration Programme. SMEs must be domiciled in the EU, have a maximum of 250 workers, an annual revenue of less than EUR 50 million, and be engaged in innovative manufacturing to qualify.

    SMEs can benefit from vouchers and direct financing through open calls to help them on their path to becoming a next-generation factory in two phases: design and revamp. First Open Call: Design Phase registration closes on January 18, 2023. On March 1, 2023, the application time for the First Open Call: Revamp Phase closes.

    Irish Manufacturing Research, Ireland’s top research institute for manufacturing solutions and cutting-edge technology, is in charge of organizing ADMA TranS4MErs (Advanced Manufacturing assistance and training for SME Transformation). September 2024 marks the project’s completion.

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